Okukuni is the smaller of Altena’s two continents. It is located between the Solace Ocean to its west and the Benaic Ocean to its east. It is home to nine countries, as well as three island-based countries not actually located on Okukuni’s mainland.

Countries of Okukuni

Huai Gou Dao

Recent History

Approximately 55 years in the past, Okukuni and its neighbouring islands were pulled out of their own world by their Gods, and placed into Altena, dividing the Benaic Ocean from the Solace Ocean. Although there has been no war yet between the two continents, the citizens of Haltenlanz, espcially those on its west coast, remain wary of their “new neighbours”

Cultural Overview

Okukuni has a wide variety of cultures, religions, and practices. They are more easily divided by country or national boundary, and even then they are subject to extreme regional variation. Generally speaking, the focus of Okukuni culture lies more heavily on community, be it one’s village, one’s race, or one’s country. The individual is generally seen in terms of the role the play and the service they can provide to the community.

Real World Influences

The design of Okukuni is influenced by my love of various Asian cultures, cuisines, and storytelling hooks, and the wish to include them in Altena. I find it helpful to imagine Okukuni as everything between Afghanistan and Japan, rotated 90 degrees (Placing Pakistan in the north, like Nasim, and Japan in the south, as Taiyoshima). This provides a real world context to some of the cultural traditions and backgrounds that I have filtered through a lens of fantasy for my campaign setting. It also draws heavily upon the 3.5 sourcebook Oriental Adventures (D&D 3.5) and the game Legend of the Five Rings.


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