Haltenlanz is the larger of Altena’s two main continents. To its west lies the Benaic Ocean. To the east, one finds the Solace Ocean. To the south, Fogarty’s Ocean, the Silver Continent, and Okri Ka. Their are eleven recognized countries in Haltenlanz.

Countries of Haltenlanz

Casvar (Country)
United Finch

Other Regions

Skyfire Tundra
Glass Desert
Okri Ka
Silver Continent

Recent History

Haltenlanz as it stands today is the product of several millenia of development. The most significant development in recent history has been the appearance of the Okukuni continent 55 years ago. This has led to an economic and strategic shift in importance from Haltenlanz’s eastern states (Casvar, Vaterland, United Finch) to its southwest peninsula ( Pierrot, Ardolia, and Kreuzer)

Cultural Overview

Being made up of a multitude of different races and national heritages, defining Haltenlanz’s culture as a whole is rather difficult. The traditions of smaller groups, such as race, state, and religion are easier to define on their own. However, at least when compared with Okukuni, the focus of culture is placed on the individual as opposed to the community. The actions that one can do and the traditions that define them tend to focus on individual freedoms.

Real World Influences

Haltenlanz is is inspired by European civilization and folklore. The states, legends, and cultures act as analogues to a variety of influences, some more obvious than others. It also acts as the main setting for the bulk of my campaigns; Haltenlanz contains the bulk of D&D 3.5’s core races and classes, making it easily accessible for new players.


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